Bike tour Santiago de Compostela by the Coast - Portuguese "Coastal Camino", starting in Porto

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Bike tour from Porto to Santiago de Compostela by the coast – 6 days in the “Way of St. James” Coastal Camino, from Porto

Bike tour Santiago de Compostela by the Coast - Portuguese "Coastal Camino", starting in Porto

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  • Regular price €720.00
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Bike tour from Porto to Santiago de Compostela by the coast – 6 days in the “Way of St. James” Coastal Camino, from Porto

Duration6 days

LevelIntermediate to Advanced

Bike typeMountain or hybrid bike

Daily distance 40km to 66km

Daily altimetry 400m to 1000m

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Ride the Portuguese Camino by the coast, the Way of St. James and experience the coastal villages of the Minho region in Northwestern Portugal and Galiza. Discover the natural beauty of this coast, riding by Esposende and Caminha and cross-over to spain to discover beautiful Bayone, and the Vigo Ria, with it's trademark seafood. Ride by quiet forests and quaint villages in this spiritual but challenging adventure!in the way of St. James!

Availability: All year long
Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Suitable for: Mountain or hybrid bike
Level: Intermediate to Advanced riders
Ride type: 5 riding days, from 28 to 66km per day, and 400 to 1000 daily accumulated meters, a total of 235km

We'll meet at our local shop in Porto, where we'll provide you a private briefing, before the start of your experience, in which we'll hand you a Garmin Edge GPS with the preloaded tracks for this tour, and a detailed routebook for the experience. You will start riding north by the “Camino” in Porto, either on the same day or the day after. The following days you will be riding by the North of Portugal, in the “Minho” region, and visit historical places like Esposende, Caminha, A guarda, Bayona, Vigo, Redondela, Pontevedra and, of course, Santiago de Compostela

Day 0: Pick-up of the bikes and private briefing at our store in Porto;

Day 1: Porto to Esposende - 66km ride, 470 accumulated height

You can start your adventure either by cycling directly from our store in Porto or go through the city of Porto and to get to Sé Velha, the old See Cathedral of Porto the pilgrims starting point. Head down the stairs to Mouzinho da Silveira street, to Porto’s riverside, riding the cycle paths alongside the Douro river, until you get to Leça da Palmeira. From here on, you’ll start following the yellow arrow’s by Portugal’s coastline, towards the north. From Leça da Palmeira, the Camino will be a mix of cycle paths, paved roads and walkways all the way until you reach the historical city of “Vila do Conde” and the beach resort plus fishermen’s town of “Póvoa do Varzim” – both of which are good options for lunch. After “Póvoa do Varzim”, keep riding through the small fishermen’s villages until you reach Fão, where you’ll turn left, towards the ocean once more and the pine tree forested area of Ofir and then crossing the river to Esposende where you'll stay for the night.

Night in a three star hotel in Esposende


Day 2: Esposende to Caminha - 54 km ride, 800 accumulated height

Start your day riding alongside the Cávado river – then through the quaint villages of the north of Portugal. At km15 you’ll start climbing and entering a more technical trail until you cross a very narrow bridge across the Neiva river – another climb will follow until you reach Viana do Castelo, across the river, where you will be able to see te “Santa Luzia” church on top of the nearby mountain range. The historical city center is a good option to stop for lunch and visit. After Viana, keep riding north and inland, through the mountain range – some urban single tracks and ancient paved roads will follow, until you reach “Vila Praia de Âncora”, from where you’ll ride the Ecopista, by the shoreline, until you reach your hotel in Caminha.

Night in a three star hotel in Caminha


Day 3: Caminha to Bayona - 45km ride, 570 accumulated height;

Leave Caminha by ferry boat (there’s one every hour, except on Monday), towards “A Guarda”, entering Spain. This day offers no big climbs, just ups and downs until you reach Bayona, a beautiful coastal town. Meanwhile, enjoy the medieval villages across the galician coastline, tasting wonderful tapas and seafood along the way. Stop in Bayona for lunch to admire this beautiful city centre as well as the Marina of this piscatory city. This is a short but sweet ride, to prepare you for your next day, which is the toughest ride of the wek, so take your time to relax in Baiona!

Night in three star hotel in Bayona


Day 4: Bayona to Pontevedra - 61km ride, 1100 accumulated height;

This might just be the toughest day of your Camino! After breakfast, resume your ride towards Vigo which is 25km away, tackling a short, but steep climb to reach Saigráns and to experience one of the most beautiful views in the region: Vigo’s “Ria”, where the sea water mixes with the river, and you’ll be able to see the “bateas” where mussels are produced (a local delicacy) and the Ciés islands in the background – a natural park in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. You will then descend into the busy city of Vigo and then back up, towards a mountain range that overlooks the Ria de Vigo – 12km of macadam trails overlooking the Ria, followed by a descent towards Redondela – from Redondela, the “central camino” and the “coastal camino” become one! Another climb near Cessantes and then a descent to cross the Verdugo river over the romanic bridge of “Ponte Sampaio”. One final push after and then, from km28 on, it’s a long descent until you reach Pontevedra and its beautiful historical center. Take your time to explore Pontevedra’s center on a walk at nightime by the Galician plazas of Ourense and Ferraria, where you’ll find the city’s Basilica and Chapel.

Night in three star hotel in Pontevedra


Day 5: Pontevedra to Padrón - 35km ride;

Start your ride by crossing Rio Lérez and riding north, on the trails alongside the train tracks. Narrow paths of ancient roman pathways and backroads will follow until you reach “Caldas de Reis”, renowned as a thermal resort. Then, keep riding by the trails and back roads until you reach Padrón. In Padrón , turn left at the bridge towards Convento del Carmo, and then left again to reach your hotel for the day, “Pazo de Lestrove”, that ill appear on the left side of the road.

Hotel for the day: Pazo de Lestrove, Padrón


Day 6: Padrón to Santiago - 28km ride;

After breakfast, you’ll start your cycling day climbing just outside of Padrón. More and more pilgrims will appear at this stage, as Santiago is nearby - don’t forget to wish a “Bom Caminho” to all pilgrims you see along the way! After climbing the more urbanized area of Santiago, you’ll enter the historical center and reach the Santiago Cathedral – the end of this epic journey! Take time to visit the city and the Cathedral and make sure to attend the Pilgrim Mass, in which you may be able to see the famous Santiago Cathedral’s “Smoke Spreader”.

  • 5 nights in charm hotels in the north of Portugal and Spain, in Galiza, breakfast included, in double accommodation;
  • Private briefing upon your arrival at our local shop in Porto;
  • Pilgrim's passport
  • Road book with suggestions of restaurants and attractions during your tour;
  • 1 Garmin GPS with previously loaded tracks, adapted to your riding experience (1 GPS per group);
  • Bike helmet and other gear (tire levers, spares, air pump);
  • 24hour remote assistance with our local crew;
  • Rear rack and 2X 20L waterproof saddle bags for you to carry your luggage on all bikes;
  • Ride insurance (for accidents only);
  • Luggage store on our Porto warehouse during the tour

720 EUR per person (minimum booking of 2 pax)

Single supplement: 4000EUR/guest

High season supplement ( from May to October): 150EUR/guest 

  • Mountain or touring bike rental for 6 days: 120EUR per bike/person;
  • E-bike supplement: 6 day e-bike rental: 200EUR per bike/person;
  • Daily luggage transfer from hotel to hotel, from Porto to Santiago: 400EUR, for a group of up to 4 guests;
  • Luggage transfer directly from Porto to your last hotel ( up to 4 pax): 320EUR;

  • Passenger transfer back to Porto on final day ( group up to 4 pax): 320EUR;

  • Passenger transfer to Santiago airport on final day ( group up to 4 pax): 50EUR;

Can I start a tour in any date?
Yes, you can, as these are private self-guide tours, for you and your group only. Subject to availability.

How many people are required to book?
We accept bookings for a minimum of 2 guests on our self-guided bike tours.

Do you require downpayment? When is the total payment due?
We require a downpayment of 50% of the value of the tour upon booking. The remaining value us due 30 days before the start date of your tour.

What are the accepted payment methods?
We accept payment via Paypal and any other major credit/debit cards. Payment for all tours and rentals are made entirely upon booking, and online

What's the correct bike size for me?
Check out our  bike size guide in the following link.

What's your cancellation policy for bike tours?
If you need to cancel or change your bike tour to unexpected circumstances, our cancellation policy follows below:

  • Bike tour cancellation requested 120 days before tour:
    100% of the value payed is refunded;
  • Bike tour cancellation requested between 119 to 90 days:
    60% of the value payed is refunded;
  • Bike tour cancellation requested between 89 to 30 days:
    50% of the value payed is refunded;
  • Bike tour cancellation requested 29 days, or less, before the tour:
    No refunds;