Bike Tour in the N2 road - Cycling from Chaves to Faro

Ride the Portuguese Route 66, traversing the country from North to South, via the N2. A road bike tour in the N2 is both a challenge and the best way to get to know inland Portugal from top to bottom


7 Days
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Experienced riders
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Bike Type

Road or E-bike
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Daily Distance

100 to 170km
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Daily Altimetry

100 to 2000m


Embark on an epic N2 bike tour from Chaves to Faro, traversing Portugal's diverse landscapes. Pedal through Trás-os-Montes' medieval charm, venture into the UNESCO-listed Douro Valley, and experience the tranquility of the Dão region. Challenge yourself with climbs and savor thrilling descents. Explore Alentejo's vast plains and charming villages before reaching the coastal beauty of the Algarve. Your journey concludes in Faro, where historic architecture and vibrant ambiance await, marking the end of an unforgettable cycling adventure through Portugal's heartland.


  • road cycling in portugal Cyclist with mountain backdrop
    Each day is unique: explore a variety of landscapes, from wine country to mountain passes or rolling hills
  • Bike tour in the N2 - cycling from Chaves to Faro
    Road cycling from the North to the south of Portugal via the N2
  • road cycling in the Douro valley
    Road cycling by the terraced vineyards of the Douro valley
  • Road cycling by the rolling hills of Alentejo
    Road cycling by Alentejo's rolling hills and olive groves.


Day 0: Meeting at our Bike Station in Porto and transfer to Chaves.

Private briefing, bike fit and delivery of bikes and gear for the tour at our Porto bike station, and transfer to Chaves.

Night at three star hotel in Chaves;

Day 1: Chaves - Peso da Régua (97km)

Starting in Chaves, with its medieval charm and historic architecture, you'll weave through scenic vineyards, olive groves, and lush green hillsides. The road unfolds like a ribbon, guiding you through traditional villages where time seems to stand still. As you gain momentum, the N2 unveils sweeping vistas of the Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with terraced vineyards cascading down the slopes.

The route's undulating terrain challenges your endurance, rewarding you with exhilarating descents and challenging climbs. The ever-changing scenery serves as a constant companion, from the rustic beauty of the Trás-os-Montes region to the sun-kissed terracotta rooftops of Régua. Along the way, encounter friendly locals, savoring the authentic flavors of regional cuisine and perhaps sampling the renowned wines of the Douro Valley.

As you approach Peso da Régua, the Douro River emerges, meandering through the valley, offering a spectacular backdrop to your cycling adventure.

Night in three star hotel in Peso da Régua;

Day 2: Peso da Régua - Tondela (101km);

Leaving Peso da Régua behind, the road unfolds beneath your wheels, leading you through the renowned Douro Valley. Revel in the breathtaking views of terraced vineyards, where the vines seem to embrace the hillsides in perfect harmony. As you traverse the undulating terrain, each pedal stroke takes you deeper into the soul of Portugal, passing through quaint villages adorned with traditional Portuguese architecture.

The N2 guides you through ever-changing scenery, from the sun-drenched landscapes of the Douro to the lush greenery of the Dão region. Meandering roads invite you to discover the beauty of the Beira Alta, with its charming towns and welcoming locals. Challenge yourself with exhilarating climbs, only to be rewarded with thrilling descents that showcase the natural splendor of the Portuguese countryside.

As Tondela beckons on the horizon, the journey unveils the rich cultural heritage of central Portugal. Quaint squares, historic landmarks, and the warm hospitality of the region's inhabitants greet you. Revel in the sense of accomplishment as you pedal through Tondela, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Dão region.

Night in three star hotel in Tondela;

Day 3: Tondela - Pedrogão Grande (104km)

Setting off from Tondela, you'll pedal through the undulating terrain of the Beira Alta, where the countryside unfolds like a vibrant tapestry. Quaint villages, each with its own unique character, punctuate the route, providing glimpses into the rich history and traditions of central Portugal. As you navigate the winding roads, the landscape transitions from rolling hills to lush forests, offering a visual feast for every cycling enthusiast.

The N2 beckons you deeper into the heart of Portugal, revealing the beauty of the Dão region and its serene landscapes. The scent of pine trees mingles with the crisp air as you pedal through tranquil countryside, providing a welcome respite from the challenges of the road. Encounter the warmth of local communities, where the authentic charm of rural life becomes a cherished part of your journey.

Approaching Pedrogão Grande, the scenery transforms once again, with the shimmering waters of the Cabril Dam reflecting the natural splendor of the region. As you cross the finish line, a sense of accomplishment is accompanied by the realization that you've cycled through a mosaic of landscapes, from the rolling hills of Tondela to the tranquil beauty surrounding Pedrogão Grande.

Night in three star hotel in Pedrogão Grande;

Day 4: Pedrogão Grande - Ponte de Sor (109km);

Leaving Pedrogão Grande behind, the N2 weaves through the captivating landscapes of central Portugal. Rolling hills and lush forests create a picturesque backdrop as you navigate the undulating roads. The scent of pine fills the air, offering a refreshing accompaniment to the rhythmic cadence of your pedaling. Charming villages along the route provide glimpses into the authentic rural life of the region, each with its own stories to tell.

As you continue your cycling adventure, the landscape unfolds to reveal the pristine beauty of the Cabril Dam and its shimmering waters. Cycling alongside this tranquil reservoir, you'll experience a unique harmony between nature and the road. The N2, ever-changing, guides you through valleys and open landscapes, showcasing the diversity of Portugal's interior.

Approaching Ponte de Sor, the terrain may present challenges and rewards, testing both your endurance and appreciation for the journey. The town itself, with its historic charm and welcoming atmosphere, serves as a fitting finale to your cycling expedition. The camaraderie of fellow cyclists and the warmth of the local community welcome you as you conclude this leg of the N2 adventure.

Night in three star hotel in Ponte de Sor;

Day 5: Ponte de Sor - Albernoa (175km)

Leaving Ponte de Sor, the N2 guides you through the enchanting landscapes of Alentejo, characterized by vast plains, cork oak forests, and golden fields. As you pedal across the undulating terrain, the rhythmic hum of the wheels is accompanied by the soothing silence of the open countryside. Quaint villages and historic landmarks punctuate the route, offering glimpses into the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

The road unfolds like a ribbon, revealing the timeless beauty of Alentejo, known for its expansive vineyards and olive groves. The aroma of eucalyptus and wildflowers fills the air, creating an immersive experience for every cyclist. As you traverse the meandering paths, the simplicity and authenticity of rural life become integral to your journey, connecting you with the essence of Portugal.

Approaching Albernoa, the landscape may evolve to showcase the Alqueva Dam, Europe's largest artificial lake, adding a reflective charm to the surroundings. The journey culminates in Albernoa, a peaceful village where traditional whitewashed houses and cobblestone streets welcome you. The warmth of the local community, coupled with the serene ambiance, marks the end of this leg of the N2 adventure.

Night in three star hotel in Albernoa;

Day 6: Albernoa - Faro (120km);

Embark on a captivating cycling expedition from the tranquil village of Albernoa to the vibrant city of Faro, as you follow the N2 through the picturesque landscapes of southern Portugal. This segment of the iconic "Route of the Two Oceans" promises a diverse and enchanting journey, blending rural charm with the allure of the Algarve.

Leaving Albernoa, the N2 takes you through the undulating terrain of the Alentejo region, where vast plains and rolling hills define the landscape. Olive groves, vineyards, and cork oak forests provide a scenic backdrop as you pedal through charming villages that seem frozen in time. The unhurried pace of rural life and the warm hospitality of the locals add a special charm to your cycling adventure.

As the road unfolds, you'll gradually transition towards the Algarve, marked by a change in scenery and a hint of coastal influence. The scent of eucalyptus and the vibrant colors of wildflowers accompany your journey, creating a sensory experience that complements the physical challenge of the ride. The N2 leads you through a tapestry of landscapes, showcasing the diverse beauty of southern Portugal.

Approaching Faro, the terrain may offer glimpses of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, a coastal lagoon teeming with birdlife and unique ecosystems. The route culminates in the historic city of Faro, where the cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and lively atmosphere welcome you. The meeting point of tradition and modernity, Faro provides a fitting end to your N2 cycling adventure.

Night in three star hotel in Faro;

Day 7: Final day;

Breakfast at your hotel and delivery of bikes and gear at our local bike station in Faro;


What's included

  • 7 nights in charm hotels in the Portuguese silver coast, breakfast included, in shared accommodation ( double or twin room);
  • Private briefing and bike fit upon your arrival at our Porto bike station, on the starting day or day before the ride;
  • Passenger and bike transfer from our Porto bike station to Chaves;
  • 7 day carbon road bike rental with additional gear to complete your ride;
  • 17L bike packing saddle bag and 10L handle bar bag to equip on your road bike;
  • Road book with suggestions of restaurants and attractions during your tour;
  • 1 GPS with previously loaded tracks, adapted to your riding experience;
  • Bike helmet and other gear (tire levers and spares);
  • 24hour remote assistance and contact with our local guides;
  • Ride insurance (for personal accidents only);
  • Luggage storage at our Porto warehouse during the tour;


  • E-bike supplement: 7 day e-bike rental: 238EUR per bike/person;
  • Daily luggage transfers: On demand;
  • Shipping of your luggage from Porto to Faro/Lisbon: On demand;
  • Final passenger transfer from Faro to Lisbon/Porto: On demand;


  • 1225 EUR per person (minimum booking of 2 pax)
  • Single supplement: 450EUR/guest
  • High season supplement ( from May to October): 250EUR/guest


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Yes, you can, as these are private self-guide tours, for you and your group only. These are subject to availability, as we need to check hotel and bike availability for your preferred dates.
We accept bookings for a minimum of 2 guests on our self-guided bike tours.
We require a down payment of 50% of the value of the tour upon booking. The remaining value us due 30 days before the start date of your tour.
No, we specialized in Self-guided tours, where we provide all that is required for you to complete the tour on your own.
Yes, you can. However, if you choose to do so, you must be responsible for the logistics of carrying your own luggage with your bike, as the luggage carrying systems that we use on our bikes might not be able to fit yours.
If you choose to rent one of our bikes, we'll equip them with 2x20litter rear panniers so you can carry your luggage with you from hotel to hotel, as well as a 2.5litter handlebar bag. We do not operate external luggage transfers services, but we can recommend companies that do that.
The briefing, bike fit and handing over all the information and gear for the tour is done at our Bike Stations in Porto and Lisbon. Our guides will meet you and provide you with a detailed routebook, suggestions and all you need to complete your tour. This briefing can be scheduled for the day before you start the tour (this is our recommendation) or even in the same day that you want to start your ride.
We accept payment via Paypal and any other major credit/debit cards. Payment for all tours and rentals are made entirely upon booking, and online.
If you need to cancel or change your bike tour to unexpected circumstances, our cancellation policy follows below:

Bike tour cancellation requested 120 days before tour:
100% of the value payed is refunded;

Bike tour cancellation requested between 119 to 90 days:
60% of the value payed is refunded;

Bike tour cancellation requested between 89 to 30 days:
50% of the value payed is refunded;

Bike tour cancellation requested 29 days, or less, before the tour:
No refunds;

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Check our reviews and explore Portugal on a bike with us.
David Caw
David Caw
Great communication for the start - clear and friendly emails. Short taxi ride from Lisbon airport. Pedro greeted me and got me sorted for my journey. Breathtaking ride up coast to Porto. Bike was perfect for all conditions and performed flawlessly. Dropped it back at Porto premises and, again, Pedro greeted me. Had really good chat about possible future rides - and I will use tese guys again. Wonderful experience !
Andrea Binder
Andrea Binder
Danke Pedro, André und allen Mitarbeitern, dass unser Radurlaub ein voller Erfolg war. Qualitativ hochwertige Räder und ein hilfsbereites, freundliches Team, dass uns bei unserer kleinen Panne schnell und unkompliziert geholfen hat. Ich kann dieses Unternehmen zu 100 % weiterempfehlen. Danke an Alle
Peter McMullan
Peter McMullan
A very professional and well run organisation. The bikes and gearing were of the highest quality so the equipment never missed a beat. Pedro was very accomodating with pick up and drop off and the whole adventure was a huge success in part to his organisation. The complete package
Carlos Pinto
Carlos Pinto
Recomendo vivamente Go Cycling Portugal Obrigado Pedro foi um prazer poder contar contigo e com a tua equipa As bicicletas eram top 👍 fizemos os 738km da N2 muito confortavelmente e como programado pegar no Porto e deixar em Faro foi mesmo ótimo assim só foi mesmo preciso pedalar e não nos ocupamos de mais nada Obrigado por tudo e até breve
Roger Owen
Roger Owen
Pedro and his team could not have been more helpful over the two years that we tried to ride the Portugese Camino. It was put back twice because of COVID. Nothing was too much trouble, and they credited us each time we had to postpone. When we eventually started (March 2022) the bikes were brilliant and top-notch - over 620km they were faultless. Drop off in Santiago was easy. I could not recommend this company highly enough. They were excellent. And I proposed to my (now) fiancee Rachel in the square in front of the cathedral. And she said yes! Strange things happen on the Camino! Thanks again Guys - you were brilliant in all aspects of your support. Roger and Rachel xx
Roger Owen
Roger Owen
We hired bikes for 2020 but could not start the Portugese Camino until April 2022. Pedro and his team could not have been more helpful and honoured our credit in full. The bikes were top class and we had no issues. I could not recommend Pedro and his team highly enough. Roger and Rachel.
Georges Luxcoach
Georges Luxcoach
It was the 1st time (but not the last) i worked and ordered 5 bicycles with Gocyclingportugal. I have to confess, as the organiser of a Tour from Porto-Lamego-Lisbon and back, I was not sure that the bicycles would be at the airport on time so that we could start the Tour immediately from there after landing in Porto. My friends would hate me for the rest of my life, if not 🤣. But Pedro and his teammate were on time. Once again thanks Gocyclingportugal. Everything went right and we were happy to ride on Scott Addict bikes! 👌🏼🚴🏼‍♂️ GG
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