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How can I rent a bike?

Booking is done online, not onsite. Just choose your preferred bike and chose your size, start date of rental, duration and if you will be picking it up at our Lisbon/Porto/Faro warehouses or if we should send it to a different address - shipment options will appear during check-out. Bookings are done online only.

Can I rent a bike directly at your store?

No, as booking is done online, not on site. Our warehouses are used merely for pick-up and drop-off of bikes that have been previously booked on the website.

How do you manage the duration of the rentals?

Duration is measured per day, as we do not rent bikes per hour. So, if you rent a bike for a specific day, we'll charge you for full-day and you can enjoy the bike until the defined drop-off time. If you decide to rent one day and drop-off on the next day, we'll charge a two day rental, and you can use the bike for the full duration of those days.

If I want to pickup and drop-off at your warehouse in Lisbon, is it necessary for me to make a reservation or can I just show up to rent bikes for the day?We only accept bookings online, not on our warehouses - please check availability and book ahead! We do not have front store open at all times, our warehouses are for pick-up and drop-off of bikes only.

Is the booking concluded after payment?
No - after payment we require you to fill in our online bike rental agreement, only after that step is the booking concluded.

What does a bike rental include/ not include?
A bike rental includes, other than the bike of your choice: A saddle bag, mini tool kit, spare tire, tire levers, bottle cage, bike lock and platform pedals. A bike rental does not include a helmet rental, handlebar bags, water bottle or specific platforms, as those are gear that some riders already bring on their adventures.

How can I add a helmet and other bike gear to my rental?
Just browse our "bike gear rental" collection and add it to the cart. You'll find helmets, pedals, handlebar bags, panniers and other bike related solutions.

What's the bike frame size that's more correct for me?
The size of a bike frame depends on the specific measures of the rider. There maybe be riders who are in between size frames and, depending on their leg inseam, they maybe be more comfortable with a smaller or larger bike frame size. Because we mainly work with SCOTT bikes, you can check this link with a bike frame chart to better understand your correct bike frame size - . If you still have any doubts, just contact us at info @

Does the price for the bike rental varies according to the duration?
Yes. If you rent a bike for a duration of two to three days, you get 10% discount of the original price. If you rent it for four to six days, you get a 15% discount. If you rent it for seven or more days, you get a 20% discount.

Where can I pick-up and drop-off the bikes?
You can pick-up and drop-off bikes at any of our associated bike stations in several destinations in Portugal. For other delivery/pick-up addresses, please send us an e-mail asking for a specific quote.

What's your general cancellation policy for bike rentals and tours?

If you need to cancel or change your bike tour due to unexpected circumstances, our cancellation policy let's you reschedule your tour adventure for future dates, according to the information below:

  • Bike rental or tour cancellation requested 120 days before tour:
    100% of the value payed is refunded;

  • Bike rental or tour cancellation requested between 119 to 90 days:
    80% of the value payed is refunded;

  • Bike rental or tour cancellation requested between 89 to 30 days:
    60% of the value payed is refunded;

  • Bike rental or tour cancellation requested 29 days, or less, before the tour:
    No refunds;

Due to the Co-vid 19 situation, we are also accepting postponements - see our postponement conditions by clicking in the link


What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept payment via Paypal and any other major credit/debit cards. Payment for all tours and rentals are made entirely upon booking, and online.

What are the prices for delivery and pick-up of bikes?

- Free delivery and drop-off at our Lisbon warehouse or any associated Bike Station ( whenever you pick-up and drop-off the bike at the same location);

- Pick-up at one bike station and deliver at a different one, available from the locations below - service available for an additional 30EUR per bike. The pick-up/drop-off service fee in Santiago de Compostela is 60EUR for standard bikes and 90EUR for E-bikes