Cycling Eurovelo Portugal

Cycle the Eurovelo1 in Portugal - rent a bike in Lisbon, Porto or Faro, ride the Atlantic Coast Route of the Eurovelo, and drop your bike at a different bike station, according to your plans.

Plan your own bike tour by the Portuguese Eurovelo 1, cycling by the Atlantic Coast Route to the North or SOuuth, by renting a bike at our bike station in Porto, Lisbon pr Algarve, and dropping it off at a different spot! You can rent all kins of bikes, add racks, panniers, GPS's and other gear and cycle the Eurovelo1 from Porto to Lisbon, Lisbon to Sagres, Sagres to Lago... your ride, your choice!

  • Pick-up a touring, mountain or road bike from one of our bike stations in Porto, Lisbon or elsewhere, add racks, panniers, GPS's and other gear and drop it of at different bike station;