Cycling Porto to Lisbon - bike rentals and tours

Cycle from Porto to Lisbon - rent a bike in Porto and drop it off in Lisbon or join a self-guided bike tour by the Eurovelo1 from Porto to Lisbon

Plan your bike tour by the Portuguese Coast, cycling from Porto to Lisbon, by renting a bike at our bike station in Porto and dropping it off in Lisbon - or the other way around. You can rent a bike, add racks, panniers, GPS's and other gear and cycle the Eurovelo1 from Porto to Lisbon, or join one of our self-guided bike tours starting from Porto, that include accommodation, GPS and a private briefing at the start of your adventure.  

  • Rent a bike and start cycling from Porto, add racks, panniers, GPS's and other gear and drop it of at Lisbon bike station;
  • Schedule a self-guided bike tour starting from Porto, with accommodation, GPS and private briefing at the start, ending in Lisbon;